Are you a fan of Halo or Fable?  Just a keen gamer with an Xbox One in their room?  If you have been thinking about running your Xbox through a VPN, this article has everything you need to get started.

Xbox One Console Post

Unless you are one of the mole people, we're sure that you know what an Xbox is.  The Xbox One rivals the Playstation 4 as one of the greatest consoles of this generation.  It features fantastic gameplay and amazing multi-player options, with people collectively enjoying billions of hours of entertainment on their Xbox Ones.

So, how can a VPN make you Xbox One experience even better?  VPNs can do two things that can really help you out when gaming.  The first is to provide better security.  The second is helping you fake your location.

Every serious Xbox player should have a fear of DDoS attacks.  They are getting more and more common and can completely ruin games or tournaments.  With a VPN set up to protect you, opponents won't be able to figure out your IP address, so they can't attack you and make you drop out of the game.

You won't have to worry if you have a VPN like ExpressVPN.

Do you get your media through your Xbox?  If you use it through a VPN, you will be able to access geo-restricted content.  Whether it's Netflix, Hulu or a foreign news website, you won't have to let that infuriating ‘this content is not available in your region' blurb bother you ever again.

A VPN will let your IP address appear as though it is coming from another country, so you will be able to access all of those US Netflix goodies.

If you want to play games with people from a country that uses a different server, you can use your VPN to fix this problem too.  Maybe you are from a small country without much of a multiplayer scene and you want access to the glory of the US market?  Maybe you just want to be sworn at in Russian?  Either way, a VPN can help you play games with people all over the world.

Xbox One VPN Setup

If you want to use your Xbox one through a VPN, there are three ways to go about it.  The first is to set up your Xbox through a VPN router, so that all of your web traffic is automatically being protected by the VPN.  The second way that you can set up your Xbox One through a VPN is through Windows Network Sharing.

The last way is by changing your DNS settings.

Having a dedicated VPN router is probably the best method from a security and speed standpoint.  It ensures that all of your web traffic goes through your VPN and is encrypted.  Unfortunately, this option isn't possible with all routers.

The second method, using Windows Network Sharing, is not as reliable, but still provides good protection.  It involves connecting your Xbox to your PC and changing the settings in the Network and Sharing Centre.

The final way involves changing your DNS settings.  You can do this through your Xbox One, but unfortunately it won't provide any encryption.

There are detailed guides for each of these setups available online.

Xbox One VPN Clients

Using a VPN on an Xbox is a little bit different to a computer or a mobile.  There aren't any clients available for the Xbox one, which is why the above steps were a little different from what you would do on other devices.  Normally it's as simple as signing up, downloading the client, logging on and connecting.

Unfortunately, Xbox Ones aren't quite at that level of simplicity.  But you don't need to despair, because there are lots of step-by-step guides out there that make it simple to get setup through a VPN.

How to Use VPN on Xbox One

Once you have decided which way you want to set up your Xbox One through your VPN, using it is simple.  You just have to go through each of the steps to set it up initially, then just use it normally when you are online in the future.

Netflix Through a VPN on Xbox One

This is where a lot of people will get the most use, particularly if you aren't from the US.  Overseas Netflix has such a poor range of content in comparison, that it's no wonder that so many people see US Netflix as the Holy Grail.  If you use your Xbox One to watch your favourite shows and movies, you can use a VPN to really open up the library available to you.

You don't need encryption to access US Netflix, so you can use a VPN router, Windows Network Settings, or you can change your DNS settings.  Once you are hooked up through your VPN and have your server settings set to the US, you can just log in to Netflix normally and it will present you with the entire American collection.

Which VPN is best for Xbox One?

Choosing a VPN is always hard, so we've done the work for you and given you a quick list that will help to make the whole thing easier:

#1 & Editor's Choice: ExpressVPN

It's hard not to recommend ExpressVPN for just about everything.  They are serious market leaders and they provide an excellent service.  They offer high-end security and seem to really care about their users' privacy.

They have fast and reliable speeds, because there are many servers, which makes them great for the Xbox One and gaming in general.

They also have great support, including setup guides for Xbox on how to use their service.

#2: IPVanish

If you are looking for over 500 servers in 60-plus countries, IPVanish can help you game all across the world.  It's a premium priced VPN that offers great support and complete anonymity.  They even let you pay with Bitcoin, so they don't even have to know who you are.

Good speeds and a no log policy are other great reasons why it might be appealing to Xbox users.

#3: Private Internet Access

If you want something that lets you access overseas content and play on other  servers, Private Internet Access does the job.  It is significantly cheaper than many comparable VPNs.  While it may not be as nice to look at as others, it is still very functional and their security is great.  It's an excellent choice for those who want good service at a low price.

#4: VyprVPN

VyprVPN can be a great choice for Xbox one users, depending on what they want to use it for.  It is fast and has lots of servers, with great support.  The problem with VyprVPN is that they don't use shared IP addresses and they respond strongly to DCMA requests.

This is bad news for anyone who wants to use their service to torrent, but fine if you just want to use your Xbox to log into other servers or use US Netflix.

#5: PureVPN

If you are looking for a VPN that you can rely on for gaming, try PureVPN.  They provide a great service to Xbox users, with many servers throughout the world and up to five simultaneous connections.  They allow unlimited traffic and accept Bitcoin, however they don't fully allow P2P.

This shouldn't be a problem if your main priorities are playing on overseas servers or watching US Netflix.

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