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We're a team of nerds, tech geeks and internet security types, on a mission to provide more information about protecting your privacy online.

Our goal is simple:

  1. Provide detailed reviews on VPN products so you know which to choose for your specific needs
  2. Provide news & updates on internet security & online privacy

We do it all in an easy to consume, slightly irreverent style.

Yes, internet security is serious business, but that doesn't mean reading about it has to be boring.

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Yes, if you do buy a service we might be paid a commission by some (not all) of the companies we review on this site.

This commission helps pay for hosting, content creation, site maintenance etc.

We do not allow the companies we review to pay for special treatment. All reviews are our honest opinion based on our use and testing of the products. Companies are not able to pay for stronger ratings or favourable reviews.