Good old Apple. The company that just keeps on giving its customers shiny new gadgets – most of which we cannot ignore and Apple TV is no different!

Best VPN for Apple TV

Apple TV enables users to view content in many different ways, using services such as Netflix and Hulu but there are many advantages to using a VPN with your Apple TV system. This could be used in places where content is blocked due to restrictions put in place by a certain country.

This article shows you the five best VPN services to use with your Apple TV allowing you to choose a service that fits your requirements.

Apple TV was launched in 2006 and since it has evolved to offer its users enhanced functionality. It was previously known as iTV with its main aim was to enable users to sync their iTunes from their computer and onto a TV.

Fast forward ten years (yes to 2016) and the technology is still going strong with it now in its 4th generation phase. Impressively, the system uses an A8 chip that has 64-bit architecture and this provides it with more punch than Mike Tyson, possibly.

This is Apple’s flagship television product and so they want it to do as much as possible and that is why it continues to get better.

Best VPN Services For Apple TV

RankVPN CompanyScoreReviewPriceLink
1ExpressVPNRead Review$8.32 / monthVisit Site
2IPVanish VPNRead Review$6.49 / monthVisit Site
3Private Internet AccessRead Review$3.33 / monthVisit Site
4VyprVPNRead Review$6.67 / monthVisit Site
5NordVPNRead Review$4.00 / monthVisit Site
6Iron Socket VPNRead Review$4.00 / monthVisit Site
7Read Review$6.99 / monthVisit Site
8Read Review$8.25 / monthVisit Site
9Read Review$4.80 / monthVisit Site
10Read Review$5.08 / monthVisit Site

But wait, there is competition

Apple may have a good hold on the market but they do have competition and that changes everything for them. Google seem to have their fingers in every pie imaginable so there is no surprise they are trying to take on Apple with their Chromecast.

In recent years its popularity has grown but this has also helped to boost the sales of Apple TV and it pushed them to introduce their latest generation with a number of added feature – talk about going all out! The 4th generation Apple TV comes with a remote that allows you to talk to Siri, which would make you look like you are not all there but it does actually work.

The touch screen pad also enables you to take control of the cursor on the screen – this is the future, no it really is.

Where would an Apple product be without Apps? Don’t worry, they haven’t left Apple TV out because there are apps available as well as games. Users can simply immerse themselves into the world of Apple TV and benefit from everything that it has to offer.

The popularity of Apple TV around the globe means that people everywhere want to own it but for those who have problems with geo-blocked content, the use of VPN is become more popular and widespread. There are many VPN services out there that it could be difficult for people to choose which one is right for them.

Therefore, this article should help you to make a decision that will allow you to get the most from your Apple TV.

In typical Apple fashion, they like simplicity and they like things to work out of the box. This means that you, the lucky user, has no simple solution to connect your Apple TV to a VPN service but don’t panic – you have a couple of options.

You can either use a flashed router or you can share your computer’s VPN connection. The latter requires different configuration depending on you operating system.

Apple TV + flashed router = VPN connection

For many, flashing a router is a little too technical and to be honest it probably is because there are a number of things that could go wrong. To make things easier, there are companies that sell pre-flashed routers that simply work out of the box.

The main advantage of using this method is the fact that it will automatically use the VPN service regardless of the device you connect to your network. This will limit any sort of cabling but it will also mean that you do not have mess around with your computer network settings – a big relief to many of you.

A flashed router will therefore, make it possible for you to connect all of your devices such as games consoles, mobile phones and not forgetting your Apple TV. All of which will connect automatically to your VPN as soon as they connect up to your router.

Naturally, you will want to get as much as possible from your Apple TV so choosing to use a VPN service would be a smart move. What we have aimed to do is offer you a list of reliable VPN providers, all of which can meet your needs in different ways.

Don’t be shy, take a look at them all and even give them a go because until you try you will never know. Let us give you the key to unlocking great content from all around the world that you once did not have access to. We like to do our bit to help.

Once you have chosen your VPN provider, should you be afraid (that is not a word we use lightly!) to set it up, there are guides available that will point you in the right direction. So take your time, build your confidence and then step up immerse yourself in the world of VPNs.

It is exciting, thrilling and rather naughty in its own little way. But what is life without a bit of excitement!

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