If you want to use BBC iPlayer then you need to consider these 5 VPNs

Top 5 Best VPN for BBC Player

Looking for a home comfort to help you through some time outside of the UK? What’s better than the BBC iPlayer?

If you want to use the BBC iPlayer outside of the UK then you will need to use a VPN service and the purpose of this article is to show you some of the best VPN services available to you. If you are a UK citizen working outside of the UK and want access to British programmes or if you are an expat looking for your fill of great programmes, then you will need a VPN.

In recent months the BBC have attempted to block those who try to access the iPlayer from outside the UK. Try as they might there is someone out there who will always push boundaries. We applaud them.

The VPNs we have suggested here are more than likely to dodge the blocks put in place by working around the issue through IP recycling. So far the reviews have not churned up any user problems from users outside of the UK so there is no need for you to start panicking yet but we just need to make you aware of the potential problem.

Do you want to watch Top Gear, Casualty or even Homes Under the Hammer? The BBC do not get great press at the best of times. Overpaid hosts, presenters in punch-ups and the TV licence that the UK public despise. Let’s push all that aside for now because there is a lot more out there for you to benefit from.

From the moment the BBC released their iPlayer, it revolutionised the way in which people watch TV and we have to say, it is pretty impressive but now many have followed suit but the BBC still seem to lead the way.

Perhaps you have had access to it through, shall we say, “alternative channels” or you could be a legitimate tax payer who wants to get what they have paid for. However, the BBC are doing all they can to keep their programmes within the four walls of the UK but some are begging to find cracks in the walls and exploit them.

The BBC have got it right in many ways, and with some of their shows receiving huge audiences from all around the globe there is no surprise people that people want a little peek at what else they have to offer. Some may say that they have other streaming services quaking in their boots.

That may be a little extreme but we can see their point and their enthusiasm.

Our Best VPN for BBC iPlayer

RankVPN CompanyScoreReviewPriceLink
1ExpressVPNRead Review$8.32 / monthVisit Site
2IPVanish VPNRead Review$6.49 / monthVisit Site
3Private Internet AccessRead Review$3.33 / monthVisit Site
4VyprVPNRead Review$6.67 / monthVisit Site
5NordVPNRead Review$4.00 / monthVisit Site

Are you a security nerd? There is more to watching BBC iPlayer than just unblocking it!

If so, let us first add that there is nothing wrong with that! It is better to be safe than sorry! Does the government surveillance worry you? Are you afraid of cybercrime? Simple questions with the same answer – yes!

A browser is an integral part of browsing the web but perhaps it is time to understand that a VPN is equally important.

You wouldn’t go waving your bank card around for all to see so why go and share files for all to see?! You need to make sure that your security is tight and by this we mean a reputable VPN provider. It will allow you to download files when you want to and you can do this knowing that you are not being followed.

Of course this depends on your providers logging policies but we trust that you have made a good choice and selected one that keeps no logs at all.

As someone who likes to browse the web and view streaming content you should have an armoury of tools and a solid VPN should be one tool. It will protect you as much as possible and it will allow you to stream BBC iPlayer without having to worry about someone looking over your shoulder.

VPN for BBC iPlayer Conclusion

So, you live outside of the UK and want to use the BBC iPlayer? Hopefully our list of providers will make this an easier process than deciding what you are having for dinner this evening.

This is no longer a problem thanks to the services we have discussed above. These services are perfect for offering you reliability and a solid connection so you can watch what you want when you want without worrying about being blocked.

When it comes to streaming programmes, BBC iPlayer is not quite up there with the likes of Netflix but for those who are maybe from the UK and want to watch programmes from home then unblocking the content when outside of the UK can be quite important.

In most cases it offers simple access for those who want to enjoy the offerings of the world’s largest broadcaster but they do require a VPN in order to bypass the restriction in place.

We do love simplicity and nothing comes easier than using a VPN. The simple solution brings with it some extra benefits such as excellent encryption and security and that is something we all have to consider in this day and age.

Many companies have recognised the need for this problem to be rectified and this is exactly why they have created VPN services that are more accessible than ever before. There are services for the more tech minded individuals out there and there are services for those who need a little help.

On the whole, a VPN is crucial in every way, even if it is to use the good old BBC iplayer.

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