Trying to get around a Facebook block?  Whether it's your school or work that is keeping you off social networking or it's your country, there is a relatively easy way to get around it.  Yes, that's right, VPNs can do yet another thing.  They can help you out and allow you to get around any troublesome blockages or walls.


Sometimes you just have nothing to do.  At other times you might really need to get in contact with someone.  It doesn't matter what your reason is for using social networking, those blocks sure can be annoying.  The good news is that you can always get around them and outsmart your government, workplace or school with a VPN.

It's always satisfying to stay one step ahead.

Unfortunately, when it comes to Facebook, VPNs can't do too much to protect your privacy and security.  After all, Facebook's business model revolves around accessing your data and selling it for targeted advertising.  Despite this, for many privacy conscious people Facebook remains a necessary evil for connecting with their friends.

If you want to protect yourself as much as possible, it is best to give Facebook as little of your information as you can and to avoid using any of their apps.

How Can a VPN Help Me Unblock Facebook?

VPNs can help to get you around walls by encrypting the data between your device and your VPN server.  This means that your school, work or government can't actually see that you are logging on to Facebook.  All they see is the encrypted data travelling between you and the server.

If you are trying to get around a national restriction, you need to connect to one of your VPN's servers that is overseas.  This enables you to get around any local laws that prevent access to Facebook or other social media sites.

Be aware that even if you use a VPN to get around your country's block, you still might not be able to use the Facebook apps.  This is because these apps give even more of your data to ISPs, which your VPN can't help to restrict.  To avoid this, access Facebook through your browser instead.

You need to be aware that many countries or institutions have a block on Facebook for a reason.  It may be because they are a repressive regime who want to suppress activists and individual thought, or it could be that your work on school just want you to focus on work instead of Rick Astley videos.

For whatever reason these bans are in place, attempting to get around them can put you at serious risk.

If you are caught using a VPN at school or work, you could face disciplinary action.  If it is by an authoritarian regime, things could be much worse.  Even though these Facebook bans are often annoying or oppressive, you need to be aware of the risks of using a VPN to get around them.

What's the Best VPN for Facebook?

It's time for our big list that will help you pick out the best VPN for accessing Facebook.  Here it is:

#1 & Editors Choice: ExpressVPN

You will definitely want a strong and reliable VPN if you are trying to get around your country's censorship.  This isn't as important if you are just trying to mess around on company time, but ExpressVPN is still a good choice for either use.  They have servers in close to 80 countries, which is great if you are trying to get around your country's wall.

ExpressVPN also offer great speeds and they do not collect usage logs.  They also have smooth clients that are easy to use and their support is always very helpful.  The only problem is that it can be a little more expensive than some of the competitors.  ExpressVPN more than make up for this with all the value that they pack in.

#2: BolehVPN

Because BolehVPN is based out of Malaysia, it is the perfect choice for Chinese or Vietnamese users who are trying to get around their countries' restrictions.  Having servers close by will help to make sure that the speeds are good.  They have a good client that offers a killswitch, which is a great feature that some of its rivals lack.

They also accept Bitcoin and have a no logs policy, which are both important for those who are worried about their security.  They also allow torrenting over their network, so it's a great choice for all of the pirates out there.

#3: Private Internet Access

With 3000 servers throughout 24 countries, Private Internet Access offer a great service for those who want to get past their country's restrictions.  It's also good for getting around work and school blocks.  They offer good speeds and excellent service, which helps to make sure that all problems are sorted out quickly and easily.

They also have a no logs policy, so you can be relatively confident with your privacy.

#4: IPVanish

IPVanish is another great choice, because they have servers in over sixty countries.  This will help you to get good speeds all around the world.  They also offer good support and accept Bitcoin payments so that you can maintain your anonymity.  This can be especially important for those who are hiding from their government.

#5: VPNArea

If you want good speeds as well as a whole lot of servers, VPNArea is another option that you should look into closely.  This Bulgarian based company offer great service and up to five simultaneous connections, which is more than enough for most users.  They also have a smooth Window's client and keep zero logs.

Being able to pay in Bitcoin is just icing on the cake.  They are a fairly new operator, however VPNArea are showing a whole lot of potential.

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