This is our opinion on the best VPN for Netflix after trialing over 50 of the leading services in the market.

Read on for more information, or scroll down to find the top VPNs. And if you're not sure what a VPN is then read this beginners guide to VPNs now.

Mmmmmm Netflix.

Best VPN for Netflix

Netflix recently launched in over 150+ countries around the world.

Why on earth would I need the best VPN for Netflix I hear you ask?


The content library in most countries sucks.

By using a VPN service for Netflix you have yourself a first class, around the world ticket to unlock content in every country.

Netflix signs different content rights in each region they operate, then slice and dice and lock their service down depending on where you access it.

The thing is, your one Netflix account can actually access everything.

You do this by using a VPN service to spoof your location.

But Hasn't Netflix Cracked Down On This?

Yes, as of early 2016 Netflix announced they were cracking down on the use of VPNs.

And they've definitely done so.

It's become increasingly harder to access content from other regions.

Harder…. but not impossible.

There are plenty of VPNs that still work.

Just as quickly as Netflix cracks down on one, they will fix the issue.

It's a game of cat and mouse, and I predict the VPN operators will fight a lot harder to survive than Netflix will fight to piss their own users off!

So which VPNs work with Netflix?

Glad you asked.

We have been testing and trialing VPNs and there is a range that still work with Netflix.

You may have to jump around server locations a bit, and use a bit of trial and error, but they are definitely still working.

So with that in mind, we have prepared our list of what we consider to be the best VPN for Netflix.

Best VPNs for Netflix

Don't want to read the full reviews?

Here's the top 3 VPNs for Netflix as of April 2017:

4.00 out of 5
Our rating
Price: See Here
4.83 out of 5
Our rating
Price: See Here
4.58 out of 5
Our rating
Price: See Here

Got a little time up your sleeve?

Here's our review of the best VPN for Netflix.

#1 & Editors Choice: ExpressVPN


 A high quality, strong all round VPN service.

pros-icon Pros

  • Multiple server locations work with Netflix
  • Fast servers mean very little buffering
  • Support team is responsive
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Slick client software

cons-icon Cons

  • Slightly more pricey than cheap options
  • Netflix are on the warpath




So far we have had the most luck accessing Netflix with ExpressVPN.

We're not going to list the servers that work here, but jump on there and check it out for yourself. They have a money back guarantee so there's no harm in trialing.

ExpressVPN are one of the largest players in the VPN space too, so their team is no dubt working overtime to find more ways around the walls Netflix have put up.

This is one of the best VPNs for Netflix not only because it actually works, but also because it's an extremely fast service with servers in over 78 countries.

This means that a.) you can access libraries from around the world and b.) once in there it streams fast, without buffering or low resolution streams.

We recommend giving ExpressVPN a try as it's definitely the best VPN for Netflix.

Visit ExpressVPN


Best VPN for Netflix

Netflix and online streaming are creating a dent in traditional media consumption. About 47 percent of the almost 94 million Netflix subscribers are from outside of the United States.

For those who are in the states, you may not realize that content on Netflix is regionally locked, with the list of movies and shows curated for you. Many people are okay with this – but for those who are interested in regionally locked content, then a virtual private network, or VPN, could be useful.

Not only that, but a VPN unlocks several benefits for those who are serious about their privacy. At a time when throttling of specific sites and the potential exposure of private data is becoming more real, many are seeking a proactive solution to protect against spying eyes.

Why Get A VPN for Netflix Now?

Thwart throttling efforts by your Internet service provider. Throttling is when your ISP intentionally slows down your Internet speeds, sometimes doing so on unlimited plans, as was the case with AT&T.

Some internet providers will provide unlimited Internet access capped at 1 Mbps. These speeds make not only surfing the Internet difficult, but will not accommodate the speed demands of Netflix.  A VPN nullifies parameters set forth by your ISP to slow down your speeds, allowing you to stream HD content from Netflix. Get your money's worth of bandwidth, and then some.

A VPN for your Netflix will also bypass peering from your ISP. Peering occurs when two Internet service providers connect and exchange traffic to their customers. Typically, this is beneficial since it will circumvent the bandwidth load and spread it across several ISPs. However, for bandwidth heavy applications like Netflix, one Internet service provider can easily exceed their traffic allotment. This translates to you experiencing lower speeds – speeds that you paid for.

Regardless of the claims from your Internet service provider, corporate and governmental identities like the National Security Agency are monitoring how you are utilizing data. A VPN will mask your online footprint, cloaking your IP address and enabling you to become an international customer for all of Netflix's content.

Which brings to our fourth point – you will be able to unlock regionally locked content. Since your ISP address can originate from anywhere in the world with a VPN, you can potentially see shows restricted to a particular region or continent. You can finally “jaja!” along with your Spanish friends while binge-watching telenovelas.

What Makes the Best VPN for Netflix?


You do not want to invest in a VPN network that will snoop on your surfing habits. You want a VPN service that prioritizes security and mind its own business without getting in the way.

You want to know how the provider utilizes encryption, what methods do they use to cloak your IP address, and if they take any additional precautions if there is an issue with cyber security. Netflix was subjected to a cyber-attack on October 2016. You do not want to be a victim of that.


Many people who use VPN use them solely for privacy reasons. Even though a VPN network allows you to surf anonymously on the Internet, you do not want your VPN network to log visited sites, timestamps, and IP address.

For a VPN network specifically for Netflix, choose one that will not log what type of content you watch. Some people may have reservations about that.


Speed is of particular important. If Netflix is forced to play with only a small amount of megabytes per second, then you will find that the picture quality will suffer.

You want your VPN network to unlock speeds and allow you to pause, fast-forward, and rewind content without the spinning circle of death as it buffers. That's frustrating.


Many people confuse speed with bandwidth. Even though similar, it is important to understand they're different so you can understand how it factors in with your Netflix viewing.

Bandwidth is specifically the amount of speed that is available for you to use. A VPN service will allow you to unlock more bandwidth. A VPN will remove throttling, enabling you to enjoy full speeds from your ISP.


For those who are Internet savvy, it is very simple to set up a VPN for Netflix. For the uninitiated, you'll glad to find that most premium VPN networks will be there to answer any support tickets and walk you through the process of setting up service.

A VPN network that caters to Netflix subscribers has experience with the many small hiccups and growing pains for new users. A general VPN service may not be able to deliver when it comes to issues unique to Netflix.

Free VPN for Netflix?

It's true – you can easily find a free VPN, but don't expect it to do advanced features like unleash bandwidth or offer you pumped up security features. Free services are best if you just want to be more anonymous online – and that's it.

Also, there is a chance of free services actually logging your info and your surfing activities. You may also find third apps and software bundled together with VPN software. Developers do this to recoup some of the cost for their free service. If you decide to go down this route, just make sure that you choose a service that is reputable. Read up on online reviews to inform yourself.

How to Set Up a VPN for Netflix

Preparing a VPN for Netflix usage is easy. Find your IP addr94ess and write it down for reference. You would then go to the networking option of your computer, and directly connect to your VPN network.

It will ask for your IP address and then the login information of your VPN server. For those who do not want to play with computer settings, you will find that many VPN servers have a standalone app or software that does all the hard work for you.

Using a Settings File

Many providers will provide you with a Settings file, enabling you to import and start the VPN service quickly. Double-click on the file and network preferences for your VPN will automatically apply.

Manual Set Up

You can also use your computer's network control panel to configure settings and connect directly to the VPN server. Click on the Wi-Fi icon, and add network. For open network VPN servers, third-party apps will simplify the process.

Login information will usually be emailed to you. Make sure to save or bookmark this information for your records. Privacy locks will make it very hard to obtain this information again if you lose it.

Pro-tip if you have difficulty connecting to the VPN server: Make sure to remove temporary files. Cached information, temporary data, and cookies can hinder the connection process, even undermining the privacy benefits of your VPN. Before connecting, you should remove any temporary files.

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