This is our review and analysis of the best VPN for UK / England based on our trial and use of over 50 leading options on the market.

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Best VPN's for UK Post

The Best VPNs for the UK / England

The good old United Kingdom.

On the one hand, it has some of the best broadcasting around, with great TV shows and Movies, not to mention a proud history of amazing music.

On the other hand, it is one of the most censored places around, with mass surveillance by the Government commonplace, especially online.

There's little wonder that finding the best VPN for the UK / England is one of the most popular pages on this site.

The UK Paradox

Great TV shows and content means VPN services want to place servers in the UK.

The Government intelligence and security organisation GCHQ wants to spy on absolutely everything, including the use of those servers,

It's enough to make you flip out in paranoia.

Never fear kind human of the internet.

We've analysed the best VPNs for the UK, right here, right now.

The Best VPNs for The UK

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UK VPN Guide

The UK doesn’t have a proud story when it comes to privacy, and especially so when you consider digital privacy. In June of 2016, the House of Commons passed legislation that mandates all ISPs in the country must keep a file on British web browsing habits for a minimum of one year.

So it’s official… the British and indeed broader UK Governments are damn well out to get you. The only logical step here for the British population is to circumvent the measures the Government has imposed.



Well luckily you can use on of the best VPN for England, or the UK in general recommended on this site, and mask what you’re up to like it ain't no thang. If you’re not aware (and that might be tough seeing as you’re on a VPN site), a VPN allows you to change your IP address to another city in the UK or indeed another country. Say ta-ta to the Governments snooping.

So play close attention to the VPNs recommended in this guide, as they have all been chosen based on their suitability for English and UK users. Read the detailed reviews of each one, and make your selection… then use the thing whenever you’re online.

This will keep your data encrypted, and your activity your own business. This means torrenting, gaming, sneaking into Netflix is all done on your terms, without a record being kept.

VPN for Torrenting & Piracy in the UK

One of the major sore points for people opposed to these new laws is the fact that ISPs are being compelled to report on copyright infringement.

Copyright infringement is a civil matter, not a legal matter.

So why is the UK Government sticking it’s nose in and doing the bidding of copyright holders, like the big multinational movie studios?

Who knows… but it stinks.

You can use a VPN to hide your downloading activity and avoid any chances of prosecution. And who knows, maybe one day the content holders will bite the bullet and accept their business models have to change, rather than chasing the end user.

UK Servers are a must for a UK VPN

It is imperative that the VPN you choose has a range of server locations in the good old UK itself (that’s why we recommend ExpressVPN who have a bunch to choose from).

This is for a couple of reasons.

The first is that by connecting to a server closer to home, you greatly increase the speed of your connection. Yep, connecting to a VPN server in London is going to be a much faster experience than connecting to one overseas.

The second reason is that many UK citizens will be looking to use internet services such as banking and media that are available only in the UK. If you connect to a server within England or the surrounds, you will still be able to access BBC iPlayer and the like, while maintaining your privacy.

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