ESPN is America’s home of sport, in fact, ESPN is a brand known the world over. 

They broadcast some of the United States’ most popular sports such as Baseball and the NFL.

Gaining access to these sports can be somewhat difficult outside of the USA, so how do you watch ESPN outside USA?

Well, it just so happens WatchESPN is ESPN’s online streaming service that offers a huge range of content to its viewers.

If you are a fan of US based sports, then WatchESPN is a fantastic resource. Definitely something most sports fans will have access to. So, it is important that if you want to see what your team of choice has been up to (unfortunately this can often be nothing good), it is the place to go.

What you’ll need

There are two ways to watch ESPN outside USA.

This is with either a VPN or Smart DNS.

There are pros and cons to both and I will go into them a little later.

VPN Method

  • VPN provider (with US server)
  • PC

Smart DNS Method

  • Smart DNS Service (that unblocks ESPN)
  • PC

If you use a VPN for accessing ESPN then all of your communications will be encrypted, so you can have peace of mind.

Your speed may be affected though, how much depends on which protocol you use and how far away from the server you are.

VPNs are also difficult to setup on different devices other than PCs and smartphones.

On the plus side, VPNs are also useful for downloading torrents or sneaking into foreign Netflix libraries.

SmartDNS does not encrypt your data, but it also does not affect your internet speed so streaming will be silky smooth (providing your base internet connection is good enough in the first place).

It is also really easy to setup on a range of devices, as long as they let you change the DNS settings on an internet connection, Smart DNS can be used.

If you value privacy, VPN is the only way to go.

If you want guaranteed smooth streaming, then Smart DNS is the one for you.

VPN Method

Step one – Find a VPN provider with US servers

The majority of VPN providers offer US servers, so it is more a case of finding one that fits your needs and budget.

Here are our picks of the three best options for watching ESPN outside the US:

4.25 out of 5
Our rating
Price: See Here
4.83 out of 5
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Price: See Here
4.00 out of 5
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Price: See Here

For the money is no object kinda people, then ExpressVPN is a good choice.

The company has servers in 154 countries, with 15 servers in the United States alone, so you are bound to find one that is closest to you.

It costs $12.95 a month if you pay monthly (cheaper if you pay annually) so it is a bit dear but you do get a very competent service for your money.

VyperVPN is another good choice, they have 8 servers in the US, in a variety of locations. They have some really interesting technology at their fingertips as well.

Their Chameleon protocol (an offshoot of OpenVPN) has been designed for the best security and with a particular technology that allows it to bypass normal VPN blocking by services such as Netflix. VyperVPN also comes in at $12.95 a month.

For those on a budget, CactusVPN is a nice little option.

At just $5 a month for 5 US servers (or $7 for servers in multiple countries and Smart DNS that unblocks WatchESPN) you get access to the standard protocols and a lesser known one called SoftEther.

This is a fantastic protocol that is easy to setup and offers great security options.

Step two – Connect to a US VPN server

Now we have to connect to a US VPN server, and this can be done in multiple of ways.

If your VPN provider offers their own software that you can use to connect to their servers, feel free to use it, especially if you aren’t confident you can manually setup your own VPN connection.

These bits of software often add interesting little features like a Kill-Switch or automatic starting of programs when your VPN connection starts.

To manually setup it depends on the protocol.

If you use PPTP, L2TP, or SSTP, Windows natively supports these protocols so there is no need to download any new software.

OpenVPN requires its own software, and it can be a little fiddly to setup, so if you aren’t confident on the PC maybe give it a miss.

Whatever method you choose, make sure to connect to a US VPN server.

Step three – Watch ESPN outside USA!

Now make your way to WatchESPN and enjoy all that it has to offer.

It's that simple!

Smart DNS Method

Step one – Choose a Smart DNS service that unblocks WatchESPN

It is vital that you find a Smart DNS service that explicitly states that it unblocks WatchESPN.

CactusVPN unblocks WatchESPN for just $5 a month or $7 a month with a VPN service as well. A really competent service for the money.

SmartDNSProxy also unblocks WatchESPN for just $4.90 a month, they are one of the biggest exclusive Smart DNS providers right now, so you are sure to get a stable service that just works.

Unlocator also allows you to watch ESPN outside USA, at $4.95 a month.

A very good provider that offers a week long trial to get you started so you can feel free to give it a go and if you don’t like it, move on.

Step two – Setup Smart DNS

Smart DNS is very simple to set up manually, all it takes is a switch of the DNS settings of your current internet connection.

Some Smart DNS providers have their own software that allows you easily connect without having to fiddle in the internet settings, go ahead and use it if it works for you.

Step three – Enjoy ESPN!

Now you have setup Smart DNS you can make your way to WatchESPN and enjoy your favourite sports easily with no fuss.

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