Exodus is one of the most popular Kodi addons currently available.

What Exodus allows you to do is stream many of the latest movies and TV shows using a simple and well-designed interface, but is Exodus safe and legal to use?

The smartly designed graphical interface gives it a distinct advantage over other similar services because you aren’t inundated with ads, and browser based solutions are inherently designed more for PC use rather than home theater setups.

That’s what Kodi is designed for, so Exodus takes advantage of this and gives the end user something that resembles more of a Netflix Smart TV app than a straight up web page.

It’s really quite impressive for a free service.

The age-old mantra “The best things in life are free” most certainly holds water in this case.

Is Exodus legal?

Streaming pirated content is a huge legal gray area in many countries.

Typically, many governments are behind the times and tend to leave it all to the last second to change things.

If only the rest of us could make a living being reactive, eh?

It has gotten to the point where many governments around the world are starting to amend laws to keep up with the times.

This is most probably due to pressure from copyright holders, such as movie studios, that have whole divisions dedicated to cutting down piracy.

Recently, the European government ruled that streaming pirated content was outright illegal, and it is a similar case within the United States.

In Canada, it is perfectly legal to stream pirated content. Which is perhaps a surprise considering its close proximity with the US.

Kodi, the software that is used for Exodus, is completely legal in its default form.

It is designed to be a media center for your home theater and it is does a really good job of it.

The problem of legality only comes into play when you start to install add-ons that provide access to pirated media.

Kodi is rather unfairly in the center of the battle against streaming copyrighted materials. It has gained a reputation for being an easy way to gain access to TV Shows and movies rather than for its capabilities as a media center.

TVAddons.ag was one of the biggest databases for add-ons similar to Exodus and was, in fact, the host for downloading Exodus for use on Kodi.

Under threat of legal action, TVAddons shut down, leaving Exodus with no home.

I wouldn’t say it was far-fetched to think that perhaps Exodus is somewhat of a poisoned chalice after recent developments.

It will maybe need to move to a more decentralised way of hosting the files needed to get Exodus working.

The best way to keep prying eyes away from your usage of Exodus is to use a VPN, as this will encrypt all of your data so there is no need to worry about your ISP knowing that you are using Exodus.

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Is Exodus safe?

Try going to a website like Putlocker and trying to watch a movie.

Now, how many popups did you have to close before you could actually watch said movie?

My guess is at least five.

You don’t have that problem with Exodus.

The issue with web-based services like Putlocker is that they are reliant on advert revenue to keep the website up and running.

The advertisements used are very intrusive as this is what brings in the most cash and these adverts are often there to try and install something malicious on your PC.

As Kodi is the basis of Exodus, and Kodi is completely safe, you have no need to worry about installing Kodi.

It is used the world over as a fantastic media center. There is a plethora of add-ons for Kodi that really improve the overall experience and add functionality that is not there by default.

You don’t really have that problem with Exodus but that doesn’t mean it is 100 percent safe.

It was only recently that users of the Exodus addon were used as botnet for DDoS attacks.

This has since been fixed, but this is just a risk you take when you use addons that aren’t verified by Kodi.

In general, Exodus is one of the safer methods of watching copyrighted content online, providing you find a trusted place to install it from.

In conclusion

The question of legality surrounding Exodus relies solely on which country you live in.

For a lot of the world, the legislation hasn’t quite caught up to tackling the streaming of pirated media.

I am sure that copyright holders are working feverishly at making sure big markets are going to start cracking down on streaming.

With the EU being the first big domino to fall, I think very soon that the likes of Exodus will find it difficult to keep its footing.

Torrents are difficult to cut down due to the P2P nature of it, whereas Exodus relies on a central location to keep it viable and that is becoming more difficult by the day to maintain.

The question of safety is a bit more cut and dry. Exodus is very safe compared to its competitors and that is perhaps why it is doing so well with your casual user.

Once the initial setup is out of the way it is more akin to Netflix than it is some dodgy website.

It is impressive in the way it has created a free service that offers something closer to an internet behemoth for no cost to the end user.

There is always going to be the issue of holes in security for these addons, but as Kodi starts to become more mature, addons along with it will start to become more secure.

It takes time to stamp out bugs and security issues and Kodi is very focused on making sure their application is secure for everyone.

If you found this article useful, please feel free to share it with your family and friends. It is probably likely you know someone that uses Kodi so this article may answer a few questions for them. If you have anything interesting to add, please let us know in the comments.

It is probably likely you know someone that uses Kodi so this article may answer a few questions for them. If you have anything interesting to add, please let us know in the comments.

If you have anything interesting to add, please let us know in the comments.

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