Kodi is one of the most popular media center applications right now, it is known the world over for its flexibility and range of functionality.

It is beautiful too, a lot more than Windows File Explorer anyway.

Finding the best devices for streaming Kodi can be a difficult task but once you know how you want to use it, it is a simple process of elimination.

Many people like to use it from a desktop PC, whilst others prefer to use it with a remote control like a conventional set top box.

Both of these methods are completely viable and easy to attain.

With that, here are the best devices for streaming Kodi.

PC and Mac

Kodi has its own software for both PC and Mac and they both work flawlessly.

Using a desktop PC or laptop will probably net you the smoothest user experience because even the power of an entry level PC is enough to power Kodi.

If you have your own HTPC setup with IR sensors for a remote, it is very much possible to use it with a remote control, making it a great addition to any HTPC environment.

Of course, many people already own a PC, desktop or otherwise, so it is unlikely you will have to splash any extra cash.

Kodi itself is free so this is definitely the “budget” option if you already have a PC lying around that you can just install Kodi on.

iOS and Android Smart Phones/Tablets

Kodi is also available on both iOS and Android.

Once again, most people have phones or tablets running either of these operating systems, so you can just install the Kodi app onto your smart device and be good to go.

This is the way to go if you want portable Kodi at no extra cost.

Tablets are pretty big nowadays as well, so it is not like the screen size is as much of an issue as it would be on a phone.

The Kodi app is free, so give it a go and see if it meets with your own personal standards.

Raspberry Pi

RaspBMC was one of the most popular Raspberry PI operating systems back when the first ever Raspberry Pi hit the shelves.

The tiny credit card sized computer has more than enough power to run Kodi comfortably, especially using the specialized operating system version.

At Just $35, the Raspberry Pi is a fantastic choice for Kodi.

It is worth noting that you will need to purchase an SD card to install any sort of operating system on it, and you will need a Micro USB mains power supply (though many people already have these from their phones over the years).

With the GPIO ports that are on the Raspberry Pi, you can expand its functionality even more.

It also has HDMI CEC so you can use your TV remote to control it (should your TV support it too) meaning the Raspberry Pi can be used with either a mouse and keyboard or a TV remote comfortably.

Android TV Boxes

There are a wide range of Android TV boxes and the prices vary hugely depending on the hardware inside them.

Using an Android TV box is a similar process to using an Android smart phone, just tailored for use on a TV screen.

So, you can use a remote to navigate the Android OS comfortably from your own couch.

All you have to do is download the Android app for Kodi and away you go.

As to how well it performs, it depends on power of your Android TV box, but many competent ones can be had for around $40 or so.

This is currently the most widespread way of using Kodi on the big screen at home, so it is tried and tested and will only improve with time as Kodi starts to mature more on the Android front.

If you are a little less technologically inclined, an Android TV box is a safer choice than the Raspberry Pi as there is nothing special that has to be done with it to use Kodi.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

The Amazon Fire TV Sticks are another really popular method for using Kodi, though the install process is a little more involved than with an Android TV box.

The hardware behind the Fire Stick is really impressive for its $40 price tag, the newer ones even support 4K streaming so the Fire Stick is future proofed.

Once again, if you aren’t too comfortable with an involved setup, then perhaps avoid the Amazon Fire TV Stick, but the price and hardware are hard to pass up when it comes to using Kodi.

Nvidia Shield

The Nvidia shield is a very expensive solution, at $200, but it is a very powerful piece of kit that will run Kodi with absolutely no problems.

The Nvidia Shield uses Android, so the Kodi app is just a simple install from the Google Play Store.

It comes with a game controller and an Amazon Fire Stick like TV remote, so you can use Kodi comfortably from where you sit.

If you are an avid mobile gamer, the Shield is a fantastic bit of kit, that will allow you to play your favourite Android games on your TV screen with an actual physical controller.

The Nvidia Shield also supports 4K, so it will serve you well for years to come.

Wrapping It Up

These are a selection of the best devices for streaming Kodi.

There are many different options for each technical level and price range, so you are sure to find something that fits your needs.

If you enjoyed this buyers guide, then please, share it with people you know that are looking for the perfect solution for their Kodi problem.

If you have any devices that you feel are worth a mention that aren’t here, please leave a comment.

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