There is an infinite possibility of things that you can use the Internet for, but one use that constantly comes out on top is online streaming. The days of paying cable bills or installing a satellite on your roof are long gone. Today more and more people are using streaming services to watch everything from music videos, vlogs, shows, and movies.

InternetBy far one of the most well-known streaming services is Kodi, an open source home theater software with lots of addons like XBMC that you can run on pretty much any device, such as an Android smartphone or smart TV box—as long as you have a decent Internet connection and there's not too much Internet traffic throttling your network.

While there is still some controversy around whether or not streaming and downloading live TV, movies, and media from Kodi is completely legal in certain places, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Security and privacy are just some of the reasons why you should consider using a virtual private network or VPN. Read below for why using a VPN provider and VPN server for Kodi can enhance your experience and a list of some of the best VPNs that are on the market today.

ISP No More

KodiA lot of people have reported getting letters in the mail from their ISP (Internet service providers) telling them that they’ve noticed some sketchy downloading activity coming from their computers.

While this may be a good thing for the ethical people of the world, for Kodi users it could easily be more of a nightmare. Your Internet service provider can see and track everything you download and stream all the time. A little creepy, right? If you’re a more private person or just not a fan of going to fail, a VPN can do wonders for your Kodi streaming and downloading habits.

A VPN for Kodi can encrypt all of your data that comes in and goes out of your Kodi box and even the rest of your house if you so choose. By using a VPN you don’t have to worry about anymore spying ISPs.

Stream Anonymously

downloadAnother great thing about VPNs for Kodi is that they let you download, stream, and browse anonymously from anywhere in the world. So your ISP can’t see what you’re doing and neither can the server you download from. A VPN essentially blinds all servers that you’re using, so nobody knows who you are or where you’re from.

With a VPN for Kodi, your IP address can’t be tracked by the servers, all they see is the VPN that you’re routing through. It’s the ultimate in a privacy and protection, kind of like wearing a Batman mask at all times.

Access Content from Around the World

contentIf you’re out of the country for travel, work or vacation you can still have access to all of your favorite US shows on all of the best streaming sites. On the flip side, if you’ve always wanted to watch that weird Norwegian sitcom that you can’t get to stream in the US, a VPN can help you with that too.

It’s not fair that streaming services get to geo-block certain content from certain areas of the world. Imagine a world where half the population has never seen Game of Thrones. Unfortunately, that’s the reality we’re living in. With a VPN for Kodi, you can change all of that and have unlimited access to any share anywhere in the world. Your dreams of streaming Friends while on top of the Great Wall of China have never been more realistic.

Get New Releases Before Anyone Else

gamerGetting a VPN for Kodi also comes with the little-known perk of having access to new releases before your lame friends do. If you’re an avid gamer, you know how important this can be to your status in the gaming world. Having access to newly released games can give you the street cred you need to be respected by all your gamer buddies.

VPNs do this by allowing you to connect to another country’s server that’s in a different time zone. For example, if a game is released around the world at midnight then you can connect to a VPN in Asia where it’s already midnight, download the game, and have it beat before all of your friends even knew what happened.

Now that you know all of the reasons why getting a VPN for Kodi is a must, we’re going to talk about the best VPN services for Kodi available on the market today. Whether you’re interested in privacy, streaming or downloading, VPNs are a great way to stay safe and get access to loads of incredible content. All of these VPNs are incredibly fast, reliable and affordable.

Best VPN for Kodi On the Market in 2017

  • IPVanish

IPVanishThis VPN has some of the best download speeds around. It also comes with an amazing huge server coverage that includes 700 servers in more than 60 different countries.

Users who have tested this VPN have reported an increase in download speeds of 15%. Not only will this VPN help you download content crazy fast, it also supports a variety of popular platforms making it ideal to use on all your devices.

  • PureVPN

If you’re into HD streaming, then this VPN is for you. PureVPN supports upwards of five devices and has over 500 servers in 180 different locations around the world. Its speed is high, the quality is good, and the customer service is rockin’. PureVPN even has its own dedicated apps for every major platform including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. With this VPN for Kodi’s no log policy and long extra features list, you’ll be in private streaming heaven.

  • KeepSolid VPN Unlimited

VPN unlimitid 1If you’re not too sure you’re ready for the VPN lifestyle yet, no worries. KeepSolid offers a free seven-day trial for you to test out their awesome services.

They have over 300 servers in 50 different locations and an amazing plan selection that has something for every budget. They support all major platforms and work great when you want to stream or download abroad.


This VPN for Kodi is your best option if you’re new to the whole VPN game. Its server selection is small, but what it lacks in locations it makes up for in performance. is guaranteed to increase your download speeds and work on all your devices. Its interface is user-friendly and super simple to use. With just the click of a button, you can be connected to a private, secure, and fast VPN.

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