CactusVPN Review

This is certainly a contender.  Like a champion boxer with only a few slight weaknesses showing, CactusVPN packs a punch in terms of service and value.  It’s highly functional, has advanced settings and they’re cool with P2P. There are a few rough edges, in that they keep connection logs and […]

Read More → Review is one of the lesser known VPN providers.  There’s a lot to like about them with great security and privacy in place.  They accept Bitcoin and allow up to six simultaneous connections.  It also comes at a decent price.  The only problem is that it’s competitively slow. If you’re […]

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Buffered VPN Review

Looking for a good VPN?  You might be in the right place.  Buffered are an up-and-comer and an innovator who place a lot of concern on privacy and security.  They offer great service at a reasonable price and they don’t mind P2P file-sharing. Unfortunately, they don’t accept Bitcoin and although […]

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AirVPN Review

Turn back now if you are looking for something simple.  AirVPN is one of the most complicated VPNs out there.  Their site makes it difficult to find help that’s easy to understand, while their support is far from great for those who aren’t technically minded. If you can get past […]

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