YouTube 2Have you ever started to watch a YouTube video only to find out that there’s something wrong and the video won’t play? It could be a slow Internet connection, though a common culprit of this is blocked YouTube videos.

Why would someone block YouTube videos from certain viewers’ access? Well, even though YouTube has over one billion visitors every month and is the third most visited site in the world, it’s subjected to censorship. YouTube videos are fully or partially blocked through Internet censorship for a variety of reasons. Some of those reasons include:

  • The video displays criticism of government or religion, including individual members like leaders and their families
  • Preventing a population from being exposed to radical ideas that could cause an uprise (think China)
  • Staying in accordance with laws like copyrights, national security and hate speech (that’s why you don’t often see pirated movies on YouTube)
  • Restricting age-appropriate material like violence and sexuality
  • Monitoring people’s activities at work and school (the reason why you can’t watch cat videos at the office anymore)

There a lot of reasons why specific YouTube videos and the website as a whole suffers from Internet censorship, these are just a few of the main ones. In fact, YouTube has been blocked entirely across whole countries like China, Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Turkmenistan, and parts of Germany. It’s truly a terrible world out there where millions of people don’t have access to the awesome and sometimes just downright dumb content uploaded on YouTube. Unfortunately, that’s the reality we’re living in.

Luckily for people reading this article, though, we’re going to let you in on a little YouTube secret. You can easily bypass all of these blocked videos and other blocked websites, whether they’ve been blocked by your location, government, laws or age, with a virtual private network or VPN. Read more below for reasons why getting a YouTube VPN through a VPN service provider or free VPN service is one of the best decisions you could ever make to unblock the websites you want to access and a list of the best YouTube VPNs available on the market today.

You Can Watch Any Content from Anywhere in the World

space travel machineIf you’ve always wanted to see what Sweden’s YouTube service is like, with a YouTube VPN you can! A VPN allows you to connect to any network anywhere in the world. This tricks your computer into thinking that you’re actually there when you’re not.

It’s kind of like a space travel machine but for your server. By virtually being in a country, you can have unlimited access to all of their content. While this may not be a big deal for those of us living in countries like the US where we have access to a wide range of YouTube content, if you were living in perhaps China, a YouTube VPN could be a lifesaver. Likewise, if you’re traveling or living out of the country for business, school, or fun you’ll never have to miss an episode of your favorite vlogger again thanks to the power of a YouTube VPN.

Procrastinate with YouTube at Work or School

classroomsYou’ve probably figured this out by now, but it’s becoming increasingly common for workplaces and classrooms to block off access to YouTube. While we’re all for the sake of learning and actually being productive at work, you should also be able to responsibly access YouTube videos from time to time.

Not all videos on YouTube are of dancing cats. Some YouTube videos are even educational and can give you tutorials on how to do something. If you work in an office or go to school where YouTube is blocked, all you have to do is download a VPN to get around. Don’t let your secret get out, though, or your office/school may catch on!

Stay Private While Browsing

privacySome people prefer privacy when browsing the Internet. Whether you’re trying to keep your YouTube searches away from the prying eyes of your mom or you’re just paranoid about hackers, YouTube VPNs offer you the best in privacy and classrooms.

With a YouTube VPN all of the data that you send and receive from your device, whether it’s your laptop, phone, TV, or tablet becomes scrambled on the way in and out. This means that nobody can spy on what you’re doing, whether it’s embarrassing or not.

Using a VPN also means that there’s virtually no way a hacker can come and steal your information or identity. So, go ahead and make all the enemies you want, because with a YouTube VPN at work you can continue browsing your favorite site without a worry in the world.

The Best YouTube VPN Services We Could Find

Now that you’re convinced getting a YouTube VPN is the right move, we’ve compiled a list of the best YouTube VPN services on the market today. Whether you’re a lazy employee, a bored student or live in a communist country, YouTube VPNs can give you access to the full range of content available for you to stream. All of these services are fast, reliable, and affordable. Go ahead and download your favorite and start streaming!


VPN servicesThis VPN is exactly as its name describes it. StrongVPN is one of the most secure and protected VPN services available today. This means that if you’re in a country where you could get in some serious trouble for illegally accessing YouTube, StrongVPN has got you covered.

It’s a US provider who keeps logs and has servers in 18 different countries across the world. It’s a little on the expensive side, but worth it if you need a VPN to watch your favorite YouTube channels abroad.

Hide My Ass VPN

If you’re a vagabond type traveler who moves around a lot, this is the perfect YouTube VPN for you. It has servers in 53 different countries, including some random ones like Panama, Morocco and most of East Asia. With 358 servers, Hide My Ass VPN is fast and has an easy-to-use interface that even the least knowledgeable of YouTubers could figure out.

Express VPN

blocked videosThis is the perfect VPN for those who just want to catch up on their YouTubing at work, school, or in a private setting. Express VPN has servers in 78 different countries so if you’re into traveling or live abroad it will work for you too.

It works extremely fast and is definitely worth every penny, even though in reality it’s not that many pennies. If you’re looking for peace of mind while browsing YouTube or a way to bypass blocked videos, this VPN has what you need.

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